Polycon Aura

Glass fibre reinforced concrete facings Polycon AURA bring freedom, creativity and natural harmony into architecture. Thanks to the great variability of possible solutions, it is possible to design individual implementations as unique projects without any restrictions. The high potential of the material in the designing and implementation of various projects can be widely applied within the requirements of both classic and modern design. It is possible to effectively utilize the large amount of surface structures and also design an entirely unique surface in your project that will be completely original and incomparable with any other project.

In designing, it is also possible to use the standard colours as well as the possibility of high production flexibility and prepare an entirely unique colour tone of the material according to your wishes and requirements. The possibility of flexible pigmentation is not restricted to any minimum quantity and may be used for any project or implementation.

Basic colour collection – HERE (click for preview of the collection of basic colours and surfaces)

Polycon Aura real 3D

Shape and corner elements POLYCON AURA real3D

Unleash your imagination and let your ideas flow. You no longer need to use a flat plate for facing. The POLYCON AURA real3D material allows for creative solutions for every idea. The shape diversity and production flexibility offers an elegant solution to structurally complex details. With the production technology of pressure shotcrete, it is possible to produce individual parts and elements precisely according to the required shape of individual projects. An appropriately shaped mould allows the production of thin concrete panels and facing executed as required according to the entirely individual requirements of each implementation. The shape variety of manufactured elements allows addressing the requirements not only in 2D (or bent plates) but especially in real 3D design.

Corner elements and shaped solutions to corner façade elements, including attic elements, can be now executed within a single product, without the need for a structural solution to emerging gaps and the resulting consequences.

It is now possible to address structurally complex details simply by using a shape element POLYCON AURA Real3D.

Polycon Acoustic

Due to its excellent properties and aesthetic possibilities, the glass fibre reinforced concrete is also used for designing and producing technically complex systems in the field of acoustics and noise control. The design and manufacture of these systems is an entirely individual matter when there is an idea and requirement of the customer on one side and the cooperation with experts in the design and measurement of specific solutions for acoustic systems and elements on the other side.

Spatial and structural acoustics:

  • – Conference rooms and convention centres
  • – Theatres and cultural centres
  • – Concert and lecture halls
  • – Schools and educational institutions
  • – Noise barriers

The aim of the POLYCON acoustic facings - panels is to achieve the best sound scattering to the fullest extent of frequencies with the lowest sound absorption possible.

Polycon Fireproof Thermal Insulation Wall Panels (PTD)

In the construction of residential homes, office and industrial buildings, the contractor is often faced with the need to address the thermal insulation fire protection elements. With regard to the normative requirements of the implementation and the resulting technical requirements, in recent years there has been a significant expansion not only in new constructions but also in their regeneration for the purposes of meeting the thermal technical, static, acoustic, hygienic and, last but not least, user requirements.

Polycon fireproof thermal insulation wall panels (PTD) are lightweight non-bearing structures that serve as fireproof fillings in structural openings in perimeter and internal walls with high thermal insulation capability.

Polycon Furniture

The combination of glass fibre reinforced concrete and different materials to create functional elements serving not only for relaxation and eating. It features easy installation, low weight, ease of maintenance, long durability, UV resistance ... Possibility of atypical designs according to customer requirements (shape, colour, structure, etc.). Various garden decorations may be added (solitaires, complex shape elements, exterior siding etc.).

Benches, tables, chairs,

Examples of application: gardens, parks, recreational areas, rest areas, terraces, restaurants